Wednesday, 3 October 2018

DEALING WITH HEARTBREAK (proven steps to get body moving again)

One fact about being in a relation is the speed at which the light and spark evaporates. Sometimes a partner fails to see it coming, it hurts more in such situation. Anyways life is a mixture of ups and down. I believe am the best person to write on how to deal with break ups because I have been and sure knows where and how it pains. The person who makes life right and funny suddenly tears out your heart and steps on it. Ouchh!! But wait, sure enough you can get back on your feet because am pretty much bouncing now. I unconsciously followed some steps to get right back and I will be sharing them here.

v  LET IT GO; Did I say it is possible? Damn! It hurts knowing the good time spent together is out of the window. No more cuddling, the kisses, hug and romance. Don’t think too much of reliving those memories you created together. First thing to do is to get rid of all contacts. Delete your partner’s phone number and those messages that still give you hope. The more you see the number or the messages you received from your partner the more you seek to try again. Understand that it is over..I said OVER!!!

v  SPEND TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY; You must stop feeling sorry and step outside. The big secret is that someone among your friends and family must have passed through a worst break up, however the same person is now in a better promising relationship. Unless you step out and meet such people whose stories are similar to your present problem but are now passed it, the more time it will take to heal. Friends at this time are more loving and caring, give them a chance to fill the moments for you.

v  KNOW YOU ARE SPECIAL; If your partner left you for another person the first thing that pops into your head will be “The new guy is definitely better than me”. I thought about that too but who dwells on such rubbish? I took time to access myself and sure was far better than the other guy she left me for. I was a straight A’s student in college,  a motivator, at least I tried my best to get her serious with her academics back in college, commanded respect, loved by many and for once never cheated on her. The new guy was a complete opposite of the above. This story is meant to push you out of self pity. Come to think of it, every individual is special and talented. You are special and someone out there is definitely dying to taste a bit of your qualities.

v  DEVELOP YOURSELF; My kitchen was a mess for months because I missed her presence. I cared less for grooming and all I did was wish for change. The change you need now my friend is to stand up and take care of yourself. You must look good for the next person coming in, did I say next person? The mistake we make at this period is simply our blindness to the fact many are seeking to take up the vacancy. The truth is this, someone out there has wished things to turn out the way it is now so that he or she will have a chance with you. If you think your ex is the only person interested in you then think again. This is the best time to try new dresses, hairstyles, shoes etc. Radiate confidence because tens of people out there are dying to get their chance with you.

v  DON’T THINK YOUR EX IS THE PERFECT PERSON; you are probably thinking where and how you will find someone exactly like her. The truth is, you might not find someone exactly like her, the odds are low if there is any possibility because each person is unique. But wait before you try hanging yourself, have you ever pondered that someone out there is better than her. Yes! You heard me, better than her in all areas. There are definitely tons of people out there who are better than her in those qualities you crave for. If it is the way she takes care of the house or the way she talks or how good she is romantically, I bet you someone is 50% better out there.

v  CHANNEL YOUR ENERGY TO OTHER THINGS; There is something you like doing, let’s say work, leisure or a talent. There are things you’ve always wished to do but have never really thought strongly on doing them, well now is the best time. Instead of filling your days with regrets fill it with productive activities. Whatever you do in this period usually has a higher chance of neatness and turnovers. Try this, if you are a photographer simply direct your energy to photography and you will see the pictures created will be better than when you were hooked. Mine was directed into academics and writing, believe me when I say I created my finest writings and best grades after my break up. Get busy, do something you love but have never gotten a chance to do. Put more zeal in your business or academics etc. and you will see results.

v  FISH, MORE FISH; There are lots of fish in the ocean. Millions of fish of all kinds and all you got to do is to cast your net and harvest. Imagine it this way, your former partner prevented you from seeing the best, fatty, attractive, delicious, salivating and choicest fish in the ocean. Goodnews is that he or she is no more. It is now left for you to choose the best.

v  OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN; Believe me, you learned one or two things from the expired relationship. No knowledge is a waste and you will succeed better in the next relationship armed with the takeaways you took along. See the present as an opportunity to equip yourself for the next person who I believe will be the right person.

v  LOVE AGAIN; I know it is not easy but come on you got to move on. Love again because the beauty of life is love.
We at sexkitchen love you…….. You must stand up and move!!