Sunday, 3 July 2016


 I can remember vividly a conversation I had with a friend. He came panting into my room, it was way back in high school.
“Miras! I don’t understand Kate. I could barely touch her without her moaning and asking me to stop.”
I did not have an answer back then. What we did was to sit gazing at the ceiling, that was some years back
Anyway we can kick straight into today’s recipe. What is an Erogenous zone? Oh! You remember those places that tingles you, sending you to the next world when you are touched on these spots? Well they are those parts that are sensitive to sexual touches.
Don’t get excited, there are no exacts spots. I can tell you on my own findings that merely rubbing the palms of certain ladies kick them off. Another area that seems to work in most ladies is the rib side, in fact it worked in 48 out of 50 ladies it was tried on. You can try cooking this; gently rubbing the rib side and gently moving towards her back area rhythmically will quickly put her into the mood.
Remember at the beginning I established a fact that what works for Jane might not work for Ruth. When you talk about erogenous zones it comes with the ability to be observant, noting those areas that sweeps her feet off.
Ok let’s talk about the well known erogenous zones in the female body. First is the clitoris, who doesn’t witness that orgasm as the clitoris is stimulated. We know that by merely stimulating the clitoris a woman can reach orgasm without penetration. The truth is; stimulating other erogenous zones like the rib will certainly take her to cloud 9.
Stimulating the nipples can serve both the man and the woman. The nipple is hyper sensitive and will definitely kick the two of you into the mood.
But what should I do when she moans stop? Well! It is a challenging question because at that moment she wants you to keep on going but at the same time she is finding it hard controlling the sensations. I can remember interviewing a girl on the same issue. Her answer was point blank, orgasm was near fetched at those moments.
Oh come on don’t be surprised guys, it is not all about pounding her as much as your strength can that will take her to mount Everest. The question is what should I do if my wife is among the stop specie as she nears orgasm. Well, go slow, slow and slower if need be but don’t stop. Remember that negativity of most women is mostly positive answers.
As for the man, he still remains the general in the battle field. Who doesn’t know that when a general becomes too confident and chooses to go head first into a battle he becomes an easy target? Come on ladies! Rub his guns and he will explode. You know what I mean? The penis is heavy on sensitive nerves, it is a good spot to start. You can experiment if you are a Wild West type; sucking, breast fuck, feet fuck, just get his penis worked on and he will be there.
Remember this recipe is strictly for married people……….

I will stop here today, cook this and enjoy. Remember my posts are for married couples.