Saturday, 30 May 2015


Have you ever paid for a few liters of oil? You watch the nozzle enter the mouth of your tank and within two minutes you pull the nozzle out. Unless you are in hurry and keeping time it will seem nothing really entered your tank. Some men are a replica of that, well the higher percentage is just like the nozzle that pulls out after two minutes or so.
The good news is the number of such men is decreasing as the years rolls by. Knowledge is increasing and adjustments are made for the betterment of mankind. Sex is a huge part of our life that cannot be overlooked in this great evolution of knowledge.
Just like the penis is of different shape and size so is the angle it makes when erect. Erections come and go and sometimes it can come when we don’t need it. You might have it in the church and you feel ouch! am a sinner for that. Well the truth is you don’t have power over it most of the time, it can take its seat without the brain subscribing for it. Don’t feel guilt if your penis  misbehaves when it should keep still
Today’s article is not on how to get the show to last longer but a little on what the crooks hurting the shows are.
You remember the story of the teenager who has a pastor for a father. He woos a girl home, crossed the foreplay test, inserted his manhood into the girl but lost the erection the minute he did so. Know what Happened? Guilt killed it for him. Well I don’t blame him since he took the route so fast he couldn’t maintain the pace. We now know guilt can destroy an erection. Anxiety too can hamper maintenance of erection, it too can cause premature ejaculation.
Low- fat diet not only helps maintain the heart, arteries, kill obesity etc. but it also contribute to a healthy erection and sustenance of erection. Exercise is a huge boast, an all round body energizer. You are advised to exercise regularly since it puts in a quota to your sex life.

Never ever smoke if you want to be at the top of your sexual game. Men who smoke are twice at risk of developing erectile difficulties than men who don’t smoke.
Can you cook something with the recipe? I strongly believe you can.


I think we can give a few surprises for the ladies. Have you heard about the saying ‘Men think with their balls’? If I say the phrase is wrong hope you won’t seal me in an empty barrel and bury me in the ocean. Well I think I dare you to do that. Sometimes it is just the balls that do the thinking and sometimes the brain takes the jury’s sit.
What I mean is that a man can get arousal without an erection and the balls can get full and ready without the brain participating. Speaking of this David .H. Barlow. Ph.D., he said “you can have one without the other. This cannot be debated because its true and it keeps happening to our men. But there is one truth which we believe should come to limelight. Well the truth is already there out in the world but is doubted by some. Men are totally moved by what they see than women. In fact her touch can wait because he is already fired up to go all out without being touching.
How about dressing to kill the balls he has. Hey! Be warned that an abuse of this key can attract rape or other physical abuse. Just try to dress sexy at home and see the magic. Most of the ladies out there know this but the majority ain’t dressing to attract the balls of their lovers. He doesn’t want your touch most of the time to get all wired up, you can do better by getting him to see those curves.
Next is an area most women don’t understand. They sit waiting for the man to make the move or just say, become aroused.  When men are shown videos or pictures of aroused women they feel aroused than when they are shown videos or pictures of ladies who weren’t excited. Do more of the biting lips, and seductive moves. Do the ‘I want you walks and talks; have you ever seen a rocket gather momentum before launching out to orbit? He will get all worked up that he won’t keep back.
We must note the rules above don’t hold all the time but does most of the time. On an individual basis we all have those sets of things that get us pumped. I believe it is left for the ladies to dig deep, be observant and having an inquiring mind to get the alarming truths. Your dirty pants might be the magic he can’t resist, a particular hair style too can count. Ouch! these are outrageous right? But it’s true, you can never tell that one thing he can resist.
That’s it for now……….try the recipe and see how he will want you.

Thursday, 28 May 2015


I don’t believe I will be writing a page about sex but what can I do, the more we run from it the more fools we become. Wow! I was surprised when I ran a research on importance of Sex in relationships/ marriage, guess what? It seems the women folk  don’t think it is that important.
11% of male respondents think sex is not an important factor.
65% of male respondents think it is necessary.
5% of male respondents think it doesn’t matter if sex is involved or not.
The result of the survey differed remarkably with the female respondents. A whopping 71% think sex is irrelevant in terms of being a binding factor in a relationship. In fact imploring more to get more reasons why such disdain for sex, I dug out another stat. 81% of the female respondents had in time past engaged in sex. Know what they think? Those dicks are too selfish to share anything with them. One of them said “I don’t even put my mind in it when the real thing begins, he rams in and out and when sore, he just pulls out. I don’t get a pint of enjoyment from it but what I can do, he likes it.
Don’t get me wrong, there are girls or let me be respectful, ladies who like it anyhow. They seemed to get to Mount Everest no matter how the man comes. Guys don’t start looking widely for them. I will deny I ever wrote this if you refuse to get married because you wanted the magic type. The truth is; they are there and will always be there roaming freely just like the mythical vampires, well don’t be sad if I tell you they are too few and knowing when you meet one will prove impossible, unless you have to bed them all. Imagine sleeping with all the ladies you come across in search of that one magical super, hypersensitive lady, opps! You will definitely get tired before you reach Canaan.
Hey! Being sad won’t solve a thing so cheer up. In fact I have good news, you can train both yourself and your partner to become that super super unique couple in bed. Don’t look at me in that manner…… its easy, just keep hopping on board sexkitchen. For every time you arrive here a super super sex recipe will be up for grab. You can then choose to add more super super ingredient or to enjoy our well seasoned recipe without additions.
We can always put a smile in your sex life…… trust sexkitchen……trust your partner.