Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pillow talk

After dinner you pushed your weary self to the bedroom, without delay you get into her and then vola! You drift  off to sleep.  She doesn’t sleep then, how can she? She spends the remainder of her steaming time gazing at the ceiling or better still gazing at the mammoth  sleeping beside her. Most times she can’t help wonder the essence of turning her on, satisfying yourself  and letting her wonder in the woods of imaginations looking for a way to calm herself.

What is Pillow talk? Most times pillow talk can be mistaken for dirty talk, but who cares so far the intent of that moment is achieved. What couples out there want is a fulfilling time with each other. We all love to talk trash with our spouse but most times we do it at the wrong time. If only we can do it at the right time then a proper spice to our love life we will  be adding.

You want to tell her how much you love her, how sexy she is, how her perfume is so inviting; do so when your hormones are rearing to go just before sleep.   Wait! You  can even discuss that music you guys love listening  to or  better still the last romantic movie you guys watched together. This discussion are not rushed but slowly and gently they are pressed home. You guys can take this moment before sleep to talk about the day’s event. A bit  caressing will be good too.  Office Gossip can also do the two of you  good sharing  a bit of it. Note! This is not the normal talk you guys engage in  during active day time  so I  don’t expect any of you getting into wrong emotions. In fact a good pillow talk releases stress and helps keep the mind relaxed.  This is also where trust is reinforced each day. This suppose to be that quiet moment which causes the moon to stand still and the wind losing it’s power.

It is alarming that most couples don’t even know much about each other especially in Africa.  Not many African couples engage in pillow talk and that’s why romance seems dry in marriages. Come on dear you better stop envying the pillow talk scenes on screen. You can create it in your relationship, there is no magic about it. Get her to tell you how much she cherish you and you also telling her how you can’t  live without her.  You guys can even compose love peoms right there on the bed.  Have you ever heard of love peak? I doubt you have. Try adding pillow talk into your  love life, you will definitely feel rejuvenated each morning and so eager to face the new day.  The truth is, your partner will never lose value in your eyes when pillow talk is utilized to it’s maximum.

Pillow talk continues after sex. Guys be warned, your spouse always wants you to talk her to sleep.  She prefers your cuddling and your sweet  voice than your snores, so don’t go drifting off to sleep so quickly.

You should add this spice to the  cooking...........

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