Thursday, 29 September 2016


Toils and events of our regular days most of the times knock out that intimate moment we crave to share with our loved ones. A study in eastern Africa showed that sex deeper meanings and benefits are obscure in that part of the world. A recent research carried out showed that about 72% of married couples in west Africa see sex as non vital in survival of relationships. Just like one participant puts it “I don’t see anything in it except for procreation. We are no more making babies so I don’t see any strong need for it. Occasionally we engage in sex and that’s it. A lady participant has this to say “coming back from work, the chores need attending to and the children are throwing their troubles too. Am just a dead wood when it’s time”.

Once marriage sets in we found out that active and fulfilling sex life begins to dwindle as each day goes by. Couples tend to see it as time killer and only indulge in sex whenever they can. In fact they look at sex with no enthusiasm, this leads to unsatisfying and boring sex life.
Are there really benefits in a healthy sex life? Is there anything worthwhile you and your partner can derive from steady and constant sex life? Regular sex brings tons of wonderful benefits into your marriage. There is no need to match the brake pedal after the last child pops out.

First and foremost is the binding power of a healthy sex life. Talk about what keeps couple in place even after a disturbing fight, sex plays a major role in gluing broken pieces. This bonding is a subconscious phenomenon. It is that which keeps bringing you back to your partner even when you don’t want to see them again.

Reduces the risk of heart diseases; Don’t give me that look. A study at Queens University Co-authored by Dr Shah Ebrahim, Phd, researchers found that regular sex of at least 3 or more times reduces the risk of heart complications in males. The women are not left out regular sex with their husbands helps in keeping their blood pressure in check.

Sex boasts immunity; according to a research in Wikes university, regular sex with the same partner boasts the immune system. The body produces the antibody immunoglobulin A which help prevent cold and other infections.

Sex burns fat and keeps you in shape; who doesn’t know it takes more than just talking to have sex. A lot of muscles keeps contracting and relaxing causing the burning of calories in other to fuel the action of the moment. You can go running up and down a hill trying to slim down, stay on the treadmill for 20 minutes, such exercises are ignorant of fun. The truth is that a vigorous healthy sex can burn an equivalent amount of calorie as staying rooted on a treadmill for 15minutes. Incorporating a healthy sex life in your relationship can go a long way in knocking those calorie off. There is still another twist in constant healthy sex. Sex causes the production of testosterone which contributes to the overall strength of bones and muscles.

Stress reliever; Come on! I bet you don’t think about the losses of the day’s work when pacing inside her. The actions of the moment completely blocks out worries, it keeps you active only for the moment. In the man’s semen is the hormone prostoglandin which is deposited along with semen into the vagina. The prostoglandin helps suppress stress related hormones of your partner.

Pain relief; Just moments before orgasm the hormone oxytocin sky rockets to five times it’s normal amount. The hormone oxytocin causes the release of endorphins which in turn relieves pain.

Sex is very much important, you just need to add more spice to enjoy it.

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