Tuesday, 4 October 2016


A friend came to me one day disturbed. He couldn’t understand a simple mystery and he thought I might help. Some nights ago he came home late. What happened was this; After the day’s work he decided to spend the evening with his friends. This was in fact something he never dreamt of doing but sometimes peer pressure is more fierce than the nagging of a wife. His friends took him to a club and you know how things usually turn up. After the fun died down he took his bath and headed home. Getting home his wife was awake and worried. He walked into the room and saw a caring wife whose look was full of worry. My friend began to paint pictures of different settings in order to fool his wife just like any man in his shoe will do. Funny enough, the woman waited patiently till he dropped the last word then she sneered and walked away.

“How did she know I lied all through?’’ my friend asked. She always knows when am lying, sometimes I feel she has me wired up somehow.

I couldn’t help wondering at the obvious. Many men had in time past wondered how the female folks detect lies effortlessly.  She will gaze at the man as he lies through his teeth, this gaze gives the male folks a wrong notion. It causes them to believe she is buying the cock and bull story he’s saying  then at the end she smiles, sneers or hisses. At this time it dawns to him that he has been a fool all this while, a new tactics more harder than lying will now come into play which is finding a way to right his wrong. The truth is simple, why waste time and money appeasing your wife after lying when you can avoided the pain all together.

I know male folks out there wants to know why it seems useless to lie to their wives. Well sit tight and read all through to know that tiny secret.

Women are experts in reading body language unlike we men that attend series of lectures on body language deciphering, they do this without even knowing. Well that’s their luck, in fact it is a big advantage for them since it takes strength and will for a man to keep to his spouse.

Women posses what we call women's intuition. They have the ability to pick out very minute details. You might not have wondered why she picks out that tiny stain on your shirt's collar, why she sees your tie a bit out of place, she knows you are about getting annoyed even before you notice it.

According to a research by psychologists at Harvard University showed how women are more perceptive than men when it comes to body language. A short film of a man and woman discussing without sound was shown to a group of men and women. They were told to decipher what the couples were saying by watching their expressions. This experiment showed that about 87% of women who watched the short film were able to correctly explain what was being discussed in the short film. Only 42% of the men were able to get it correctly.

Again, surprisingly we fail to see the unconscious lessons mothers learn from their new born babies. In the first year or two, mothers depend only on their abilities to decipher the body language of babies before they can be of help to them. They know when the baby is cold, warm, hungry, uncomfortable, etc. At this stage women are already well equipped, they can see beyond what a high percentage of men can normally see. No wonder they call the male folks babies.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging brain scans (MRI) shows that women have between fourteen and sixteen areas of the brain for evaluating other’s behaviour while a man has between four to six areas. This makes the female folks better in evaluating human behaviours. Have you ever wondered why they know more colours than men who are not into artistic ventures? At the boutique she sees the better dresses and combination than you can see.

Women are able to attend to more than four unrelated things at the same time effortlessly . She can be on a call, at the same time listening to a gossip going on in the next room, adding sugar to flour and watching television. They are perfect at multi tasking and this is another skill they perfect while caring for their babies.

Most time men complain women talk a lot and usually about unrelated topics. You don’t need to complain anymore, your wife is good at multi tasking so get on with it.

Now you know why you can’t come lying to her expecting her to buy it. She will perfectly pick out the tinniest lipstick mark on your face or notice a change in fragrance. Or better still, she can tell when your gestures and spoken words are conflicting. She can notice when you perform defensive gestures when you tell her how much you like something or non defensive gestures when you tell her how much you abhor infidelity. One thing you must know is the fact she can easily pick out differences in your spoken words and gestures.

One thing is sure you don’t need to lie to please her. If you can avoid infidelity in your marriage then you do not need to fear her high keenness  for details.

Cook this up in your relationship, I believe it’s a nice recipe you can savour.

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